Sunday, December 19, 2010

Please, stop coping my threads/ posts!!!!!!!!

Currently, I am finding out a lot of people are just coping my thread/ post contents and touting as they have wrote it themselves. While on one hand it is making be proud that my views are worth coping, on the other I am getting a little big upset that the copiers are not give me the credit. 

Any how to prove that I am the Real One I provide links below of various threads of various forums where I provided the reviews under RishiGuru/ rishiguru/ rishiGuru name.
Logitech Forums

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  1. Hi Rishi..

    I chanced to read this specific thread of you on several forums. The story behind: I recently bought a Logitech Z523 system which did not satisfy me with the performance. It was my mistake I took it without much research:(.. however I returned it back to the shop and recouped my money.

    Later I went on googling to technically know the best performance PC home theater system I can afford and the search went ahead over the new Z623,Z-5500 and many but it all ended up in reading your super-duper explanations about Z-300. Since then I am searching die-hard to find a piece of it in every single electronic showrooms here in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia (this is where I am working). To my grief, none has a single unit of it saying it's out of stock for an year or two.

    Yet I am desperately searching for it..or the last choice is seeking it online . The problem is I can not find no seller who will ship it to Saudi Arabia from US/UK..I really don't know why.

    I am still wondering as well as appreciating your extreme interest in writing about this specific item!!...good job buddy :)..professional explanation all the way which measurable even if me being not an audiophile.

    Just wish me goodluck to get what I am desperately waiting for. BTW I happened to see certain other vendors who claim to beat Z-2300 to dust, I thank your openion on

    Bose Companion 3/5
    M-Audio AV-40
    and some JBL/harmon kardon models...??!!

    I audited the Bose companion 3 from a retail shop and was carried away by the clarity of the audio but not at all with the depth of bass...because what I am looking for is the best bass + music performing system.

    Throw me your comments buddy..thanks you :)